Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are a complex set of neurological disorders and developmental disabilities that can cause significant social, communication and behavioral challenges. ASD generally starts before three years of age and last a lifetime. Although there is no known cause of autism, early intervention plays a huge role in treatment and can greatly improve a child’s development.

Autism is a spectrum condition; this means that although some people with autism may share certain difficulties; their conditions may affect them in different ways. Many individuals with autism can live independent lives but others may need a lifetime of special support. In March 2012, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued their ADDM autism prevalence report. The report revealed that 1 in every 88 births in the United States is shown to have a form of autism. The report also shows on average 1 in 54 boys were diagnosed with autism, and 1 in 252 girls. Autism is the fastest-growing serious developmental disability in the U.S.

Hard Facts

• There is no medical detection or cure for autism

• Autism costs a family $60,000 a year on average

• Autism receives less than 5% of the research funding of many prevalent childhood diseases

• Boys are nearly five times more likely than girls to have autism

• The annual cost of autism is $60 billion

• The annual cost of autism per person over a lifespan is 3.2 million

• The annual cost of autism is $60 billion

• 60% of costs are in adult services

The Hope

With your help we can fund more research into the causes of autism, provide families with financial support, an increase awareness of autism spectrum disorders.

Your spare change can make a difference! Consider donating to the following organizations:
Autism Speaks was founded in February 2005 by Bob and Suzanne Wright, grandparents of a child with autism. Their longtime friend Bernie Marcus donated $25 million to help financially launch the organization. Since then, Autism Speaks has grown into the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization, dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, treatments and a cure for autism; increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders; and advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families. We are proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish and look forward to continued successes in the years ahead.

One 14.5 ounce can (standard soup can) filled with mixed coins can average anywhere from $12 – $45+. This amount of money can help organizations like

Autism Speaks help individuals and families with the difficulties of living with autism.

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