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Join Chipper, gather friends, and get ready to support your community! When we come together and collaborate on new ways to better our schools, parks, neighborhoods, and world, we empower children to understand that they can make a difference. And they can help make change for the better – creatively.

Here is an opportunity to “rethink” before you throw away a can. Chipper and friends label it and dedicate it for an organization in need. Afterwards the can – can – bring a garden to life. Let’s Make Some Change!

Set a goal and get started – Chipper and friends are here to help! It’s easy:

Making Change for the Better_Steps

1. Recycle a can and decide on a goal or cause.

2. Download and print your label (choose from our labels below!), color it and write in your cause, then affix to your can with tape.

3. Throughout the month (or length of your fundraiser), drop in your spare change and bills, then add it all up with our submission form and donate to your cause.

What will you do? Revitalize the local playground? Support a state or national park? Launch a Girl Scout/Boy Scout Troop initiative? Sky’s the limit! Need some ideas on what to support?

Join Chipper and MakingChangeForTheBetter! Check out our fun FREE activity pages that help kids learn about money and counting!

Choose Your Cause!

Download and print our generic label to get started and write in the cause of your choice. What will you do? Revitalize the local playground? Support a state or national park? Launch a Girl Scout/Boy Scout Troop initiative? Sky’s the limit!

Making Change for the Better Label_Generic

Make Change for Water!

Your spare change can make a difference in keeping our water safe and aquatic animals happy! Support organizations that help keep our waterways and oceans clean and healthy like National Wildlife Federation and Ocean Conservancy.

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Make Change for Nature!

Everyday is Earth Day! Support our environment by donating to programs and organizations that keep our earth clean and beautiful: Leave No Trace, Sierra Club, the EPAand morekids learning websites, positive parenting solutions, can cover, kids coloring image

Make Change for Schools!

With your help we can provide teachers with adequate amount of supplies, help fund after school programs, save faculty and staff from massive layoffs, and help the children of America have a brighter future.

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