Helping Hands Kit

Positive reinforcement exercise to help strengthen mindfulness in kids and inspire conscientiousness and respect for others. Additionally, the Helping Hands activities strengthen fine motor skills through drawing, coloring, and writing!

Each hand that is added to their tree becomes a healthy, emotional reward for their hard work and progress. The exercise is collaborative; motivating everyone in the home or classroom to contribute for the betterment of everyone! SAVE & PRINT lesson

Helping Hands BannerAction:

Story Time: Introduce Chipper and his friends by reading the Helping Hands book at home, in the classroom, outside, or pick a favorite place!

imchipper-4-girl-photoFollowing the story, ask some questions like:

1. “Let me see your helping hands!” Children bring their hands forward and give a wave to acknowledge them.

2. “Share a Helping Hand moment! How do you help at home? How can we all help out in the classroom, or with our friends? How about the Earth?” Allow kids to hold the Chipper plush as they share.

3. “Have you seen someone do something helpful today?” Allow time for conversation and make a list of your ideas!

Supplemental Activities:

Place your Helping Hands Poster on the wall. Have students draw or write how they helped on a Helping Hand post-it. You can affix your post-it hands to the space provided or keep them in a special place.

Acknowledging the Good:

• At your discretion, write a child’s name on the post-it and acknowledge their helpful action. How was the student/child a helper or conscientious friend at home or in the classroom, on the playground, or in the community?

• Ask the “Helping Hands” recipient to come up and take the post-it then place it on the poster. For home use, pick a time, like before bed or after school. The goal is to fill your Helping Hands poster with acknowledging notes!

Chipper Craft_Helping Hands Tree


• Have children acknowledge each other – be spontaneous so the thoughts evolve naturally. Teach that the goal is not to acknowledge a friend but to share when you see someone you might not always play or “hang out” with (or even a parent or adult!) do something good. 

Make a Helping Hands Tree from recycled materials! It’s a fun crafting exercise to encourage students to get creative. SAVE & PRINT