Paisley Wave SmallHi, I’m PAISLEY, a nature Squirrel! Chipper lives in a more suburban area, dashing from telephone pole to rooftop. I get to leap from rocks and trees over 100 feet high! Squirrels are omnivores – that means we eat plant and animal foods, just like humans! Mostly we eat nuts and seeds. We like to gnaw on conifer cones to maintain teeth. Come on, let’s go into the great outdoors!

Paisley is a natural leader and Chipper’s partner in adventures beyond the backyard.

Paisley is the voice of reason in Chipper’s curious adventures and she represents an empowered girl who wants to encourage all kids to work together to affect positive change at home and in the community.

Paper Plate Girl Craft

Color with Paisley!

Energy-Efficient INLET + Faceplate