Chippers Friends

Hi, I’m CHIPPER the Squirrel and I playfully teach kids about nature and inspire a love for the environment. Camping, hiking, or backyard fun, it’s time to reconnect kids with the great outdoors and strengthen family bonds. My adventures are full of music, mishap and humor and make the perfect parenting tool to help reinforce good character and kindness in kids and foster a respect for nature.

Here are a few helpful rhymes we call “Chipperisms” that excite and ready kids for everyday activities. Patience and a few parenting “Chipper Tips” will help teach respect and empower personal responsibility. Life is made up of little moments:

• Playing: “You can play, but don’t stray!” Help keep kids close even when exercising their independence.
• Eating: “Healthy before sweet, can’t be beat!” It’s not “no” it’s “not now” to help reinforce positive eating habits.
• Hiking: “Keep your tail on the trail and leave no trace!” Teach kids to conserve and have a healthy respect for nature.
• Outdoors: “From your head to your toes, and don’t forget your nose.” Even on a cloudy day, applying sunscreen for skin protection is apart of getting dressed for the day.
• Conserving: “From your front door to the forest floor – let’s all do our part to take care of the environment.”

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