Chipper for Schools

FREE-Teacher-ResourcesSetting your students up for success begins with the social emotional fitness level of the class. We say “emotional fitness” because exercising interpersonal skills should be a part of the daily schedule. But how do you balance your classroom energy with the academic pressure? We have a positive, stress-free solution and it will help everyone feel connected and empowered to learn.

Our Let’s Go Chipper Teacher’s Lesson Guide blends the academic requirements into turnkey activities that will engage children and excite the learning exercise. Our lessons consider Common Core and are correlated to academic standards but are balanced because we deliver immersive, experiential activities that keep kids engaged.

teachers-plant-seedsWe provide teachers with process-driven academic activities that reinforce positive social skills. Choose from ready-to-learn “recipe-style” plans that integrate academics, physical activity, and emotional learning. Try a game of “Plant-It” to teach science, art, and embrace physical exercise joyfully.

This multi-sensory approach focuses on process over finished projects and inspires a more conscientious child excited to contribute in the classroom and home.