How it Works


Chipper delivers a box of good – monthly. Items are geared to support the active lifestyles of families but we focus on what brings you together. Look forward to products and ideas like:

CFM_How It Works_Parent PamphletCheck MarkChipper Family Moments Playbook – Expert tips for real-time family moments and turnkey activities for anytime connecting.

Check MarkCooking – Menus and Mealtime ideas that bring everyone to the table ready to serve and share together.

Check MarkCrafting – The Maker Movement is here and Chipper teaches you how to upcycle for functional art you’ll use!

Check MarkConnecting – Snap-and-groove moments to de-stress and keep everyone heart-healthy. Music matters so join the fun as a family.

Check MarkMaking Change for the Better – Each month receive inspiration to save, support, and maybe even spend a little on each other. Your spare change adds up and Chipper teaches everyone about the importance of giving back, collaboratively!

Chipper Family Moments | Cooking with Family | Kids in the KitchenResearch proves that early emotional connections between children and parents/caregivers help build confidence which leads to a more emotionally fit child ready to learn and connect in the community. By creating playful pauses and providing ideas to help navigate through learning moments, everyone builds a sense of success.

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