Feeling Chipper Head-to-Toe

Chipper playfully teaches children to wear sunscreen and the importance of head-to-toe protection.

Teaching Children to Care for the Earth

When children are playfully engaged good values and character are positively reinforced. Let's Go Chipper helps teach children the principles of Leave No Trace.

A Natural Milestone

Earth Day celebrations - forty years of service and dedication is now passed on to our children, will we encourage and inspire them to do the same?

Waking up to Nature

Putting a little nature into the morning routine help kids wake up the body and mind, and prepare for a good day.

Pocket Parks in the City

pocket parks in new york city

Salmon Spawning Sunday

The New Year brings more than resolutions about dieting (it’s…

Stepping into Nature

The best part of exploring the great outdoors with your kids…

Central to the Park

Sometimes what we're looking for is at the end of our nose, right…