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Why Does the Time Change?

Daylight Savings is Here! Are You Ready to Spring Forward? You’ve probably experienced it– waking up one spring morning to find your alarm clock is an hour behind, even though you’re positive that you set it to the right time. So what gives? The answer lies in an idea proposed by entomologist George Hudson one-hundred-and-twenty […]

For the Love of Nature

This Valentine’s Day, take a moment to reflect on everything and everyone that you love, and think about what you can do to show them by doing something special for them. Sometimes we take the things we love for granted, so it’s important to remind ourselves of the reasons why we love what we do. […]

Black History Month Spotlight: Maggie L. Walker

With Black History Month upon us, it’s a perfect time to look back at some revolutionary black figures in American history. Although there are countless notable figures to talk about, this year we’re going to focus on and commemorate one extremely inspirational and understated character: Maggie L. Walker. Maggie Lena Walker was a humanitarian, women’s […]

Welcome Chipper Ambassador Luca Pelo

My name is Luca, and I’m the new intern at Let’s Go Chipper/It’s All Good Media. Currently, I’m attending the Team Program, a one-year academic and experiential program available to high school juniors from Tamalpais, Redwood, Tamiscal, and Sir Francis Drake High Schools. Team’s mission is to build its participants’ independence through wilderness exploration, community […]

Green Soup & Grandparents Day

Special Family Recipe from our Chipper Ambassador, Laila Moiré-Selvage!  Amama’s Green Soup Recipe Ingredients: – 2 lbs. Zucchini – 1lb. Green String Beans – 1 Summer Squash – 1 Yellow Crookneck – Handful Fresh Parsley (omit if breastfeeding!) – Fresh Raw Cream or Butter – Salt (optional for taste) Instructions: 1. String Beans and slice […]