About Author/Founder Stephanie Rach

“It’s not how fast and how far you go, it’s what you see, smell, touch and listen to along the way. You might move only five feet in 15 minutes, but what you see and discuss will help children grow into respectful explorers and lifelong campers. Take photos and bring a journal; a child’s adventures are the best keepsakes.”

~ Stephanie Rach, Founder of  Let’s Go Chipper!™

Stephanie Rach | Founder of Let's Go Chipper

Stephanie Rach, founder of Let’s Go Chipper, grew up in a 4-H household with a “get out and play” philosophy. Commitment to community was instilled at a young age as 4-H teaches children to pledge their head, heart, hands, and health to enrich themselves, family and community. The experience in her local 4-H club impressed upon Stephanie the opportunity to combine relevant academic and life lessons with a love for nature.

Stephanie got her writing chops while working for the community paper her mother co-founded. Creating Chipper is an extension of herself, and the stories unfold along with her life raising two children on the trails in Marin, California.

Watch as Stephanie describes the Chipper Program and Apps to Teen Green Reporter Matt Sarafa: