LGC_Badge_2inch_dielineAbout Let’s Go Chipper:

Chipper is your ambassador of good character and the great outdoors. Whether you are in nature with your kids, or downloading one of our printable eco-friendly kids games, the multi-sensory experiences empower mindfulness and empathy for each other. Isn’t it time we all got back to the basics of caring for one another?

Get started with FREE activities and ideas like:

• Chipper and his friends help preschool to elementary school educators and parents teach a positive mindset and contributive spirit in the home, classroom, community and beyond. Meet Chipper and his friends!

• Making Change for the Better – help kids creatively reduce waste while reimagining new ways to help out in the home or classroom. It’s easy: download, print and color. Will you save as a family and spend on something together or define your cause, collect, and contribute to others in need. Let’s reduce waste in our landfills and build a wall of giving that’s living. Learn more and get started!

• Menu ideas, reading together, parenting tips and more. Follow our blog for ease-of-mind, turnkey activities that help your family connect.

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Chipper with friends at REI eventLet’s Go Chipper!™ is on a mission to excite everyone back into the great outdoors with our eco-educational series and enrichment programs for parents and educators!

Chipper provides nature-inspired, play-based learning programs for parents, schools, community groups, and retail partnerships focused on connecting with communities. The nature inspired stories are eco-educational and correlated to national academic standards in arts and literature, science, and social skills. Every program provides teachers, educators, and parents with a turnkey resource and activity for kids. Every activity helps support early childhood development and the importance of stressing process over finished project.Let's Go Chipper

Chipper encourages children to explore and play which helps promote physical activity and conscientiousness. Nature Deficit Disorder (have you read the book Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv?), Juvenile Diabetes, ADHD and other disorders that affect children both physically and mentally have an association to a sedentary life spent in front of computers and TV. Our focus is providing multi-sensory moments to awaken curiosity and build confidence so children are ready to learn.

Respect, good character and environmental stewardship are the underlying message in each story delivered through music, mishap, and humor. We invite you to download the Let’s Go Chipper apps, and visit our resource and activity pages. Let Chipper support your lessons in the home and classroom by leading activities that will connect and resonate with children.