For the Love of Nature

This Valentine’s Day, take a moment to reflect on everything and everyone that you love, and think about what you can do to show them by doing something special for them. Sometimes we take the things we love for granted, so it’s important to remind ourselves of the reasons why we love what we do.

Here at Let’s Go Chipper, our valentine is planet Earth! Getting outside is the best way to show our love of our beautiful planet, and instead of chocolate, we’ve decided to give the gift of care, through conservation. Little things like:

  • remembering to recycle,
  • turning off your lights when you leave the house,

    Chipper loves nature.

  • taking short showers instead of baths, and
  • choosing humanely-raised poultry or fresh vegetables over red meats that require excessive amounts of water to produce.

Care can also be expressed through bigger things, like donating to conservation groups, choosing the more eco-friendly electric or hybrid car option, or even choosing to adopt solar panels for your house. However, above all, the most important thing to us is taking a moment out of our busy day to enjoy the world around us and stop and smell the proverbial roses, because in a fast paced world, it’s easy to prioritize everything else above what you love.

As Valentine’s Day is a day of love, it’s only appropriate to show your appreciation for everything and everyone that brightens up your day. That being said, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t wait till February 14th every year to do something nice for your loved ones! Show a little love everyday! A fun craft and mindful activity is writing cards to family or friends …or even make Love Notes to hide around the house for a new game of hide and seek that will always end with a smile. Ask your child to share how they love nature and what can they do to take care of our environment.

So who’s your valentine? Shoot us a letter, email, or simply comment below telling us about your valentine and their impact on your life, and you might get a chance to have it featured on our blog!