Everyday is Earth Day – Get Involved in Earth Month!

The arrival of April 22, 2016 marks the 46th consecutive year that many have joined the movement to honor our planet with International Earth Day. As a whole, we have already become much more environmentally conscious than our preceding generations. But at the same time, our advancements in technology have given way to abusing our planet to the point in which it’s resources are becoming unsustainable and it’s animal species are declining. Furthermore, we have become greatly immersed in the world of consumerism that has caused our planet to suffer.

Green Hills & Sunshine

In fact, according to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), our total ecological footprint of carbon alone has increased 17% since 1961. Because most of our resources like trees contribute to the production of common and frequently-used products, from paper to cosmetics, it may seem hard to reduce our use of natural resources.

Let's Go Chipper into Nature with Kids!

However, it is crucial that we work as a global community in the effort to coexist with our planet and its wildlife. It can be especially intimidating to join such a large movement to protect the earth. So, try starting on a smaller scale by encouraging your family and other families within your own community to committing their efforts to better the planet. Spreading environmental awareness and consciousness this month will help raise caring and helpful individuals. Plus it is can be easy and even fun to help our planet!

This year, go a step further than celebrating annual Earth Day on April 22, by celebrating Earth Month, in which you and your kids pledge to implement environment-friendly activities within your everyday life for all of April.

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Try teaching your kids about the importance of helping our planet with our colorful Helping Hands book and plush pillow backpack! Positively reinforce good behavior and earth-friendly practices that help your family and planet as a whole … adorable Chipper plushie included FREE!

Eco-Educational Fun for Kids

To help you get started–here are some easy actions anyone can take to become greener today:

• Buy local and sustainably-produced foods

• Go vegetarian or if very committed even vegan – here’s a great “Mushroom Nugget” recipe to get started!

• Buy thrifted items

• Create an at home compost

• Build a vegetable garden

• Walk, Bike, Carpool, or take the public transport system to get around

• Only use reusable water bottles

• Be consumer conscious by buying products with recyclable packaging or less packaging

• Avoid toxic hazardous wastes, plastic, and styrofoam

• Use reusable cloth bags when going to the grocery store

For more ideas on easy everday applicable ways to help the earth, go to https://www.epa.gov/earthday!

Earth Day Craft

Lastly, don’t forget the easiest way to celebrate and honor the earth this Earth Month is by communicating to and educating others on the importance of preserving and caring for our planet! Share this blog with friends 🙂

Live greener and have a fantastic April Earth Month! Can you think of some different fun ways to celebrate Earth Month? Please share with us on Facebook!