Mindful March: Cute Easter Cutlery UPcycle Craft

It is often said that “actions speak louder than words.” But how often do we consciously think about our actions, reflecting on our decisions while fully expanding our awareness and our presence during each moment? With the crazy schedule most of us have, not enough! Learning to be mindful starts with taking a moment to pause and reflect. Try our “I’m Chipper for ______!” Activity to get you and your kids started!

Mindfulness should be taught to children starting as early as toddlers to promote healthy development. In fact, according to research conducted by UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, mindful parenting is not only an integral part of raising thoughtful and self-satisfied children, but influential in developing a stronger emotional bond between the parents and children. Learn more in the video below!

There are many ways to instill the idea and application of mindfulness within children, from listening to a favorite song to positively reinforcing good behavior with a Helping Hand post-it. Here we practice mindfulness through a fun art activity! Parents can promote environmental mindfulness through this eco-friendly “upcycle” Easter project. With this creative craft, parents can raise their children’s awareness of the importance to reuse items while spending invaluable time with their children.

Easter Recycle Craft_1

What you will need:

• Colorful Clay

• Recycled Plastic Spoons & Forks

• Permanent Markers (*no smudge is best)

• Double-sided Tape

• Scissors

How to: 

Color the tines of the fork with permanent markers and use the green clay to form the stems and leaves for your colorful, spring tulip spoons!Easter Recycle Craft_2Use permanent marker to draw a bunny face on back of reused plastic spoon.

Draw and cut out bunny ears from recycled paper. Use double-sided tape to tape bunny ears to the end of the spoon.Easter Recycle Craft_3Use colorful clay and create and stick onto your spoon to add clothes to the bunny!Easter Recycle Craft_4To make a little baby chick, use the yellow and orange clay. Place clay on the back of the spoon and add details.Easter Recycle Craft_5Celebrate Easter with a fun and creative craft with your kids! Clean up is easy and the environment will thank you for reusing your plastic spoons and forks! What other critters did you create? Share with us on Facebook.