Back To School – Bookmark It!

As summer winds down you might feel yourself winding up anxiously (or excitedly). The summer slide meant sleeping in, unstructured playtime – or lively play dates – and the daily routines relaxed a bit. Now it’s time to get ready to rise early, eat a good meal, and make the first bell – school is about to begin.

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If your kids are starting to feel restless about the transition we have a few tips to help prepare for the start of a new school year.

Make Your Bed Sleepyhead! Before you even set the alarm clock get back to the routine of rising, making the bed, and getting dressed for the day. We timed making the bed with three year olds to sixteen year olds and it never took more than five minutes. Help out your little ones and encourage your older children but be firm on the importance of creating a “ready for the day” mindset. Making the bed helps transition to a new day and gives everyone a sense of “I’m ready!”

A Healthy Meal, The Better You Feel! Dressed and ready, start the day with a high protein and good carb meal. Cereal or a leftover burrito, just remember: it’s what you put into your body that helps you start the day with good energy. Share your favorite recipe but don’t feel constrained by the usual breakfast, be creative.

Countdown to Class! We all love the Advent calendars at Christmas or the countdown to birthdays so let’s get a countdown to class. Create a calendar (or download and print our FREE Chipper Care Chart as seen below!) and write out what you need to do to get ready. Put it up on the wall and have a first day gift ready for your child. Check-off the “to-do” each day and then on the first day of class unwrap the surprise. Don’t have a surprise? We like to start the day with an “I’m Chipper” moment to excite a positive mindset. Click here and send us your information and we’ll send Chipper wrapped and ready for your first day of school.


Click here to download and print our FREE Chipper Care Chart

Getting ready is a collaborative opportunity – both physically and mentally. Starting early is important and will help your child feel ready and excited, not anxious. Involve your kids in the school activities so they feel ownership of the process, create checklists and utilize time during play-dates to talk about school starting up again.

Looking for a back-to-school craft? Bookmark It! Cute bookmarks like these will encourage your kids to read books all day long.


Supplies you’ll need:


• Paper Clips (even better if they’re colorful!)
• Colorful Construction Paper (or color recycled paper with markers/crayons!)
• Scissors
• Glue
• Small Sequins, Glitter, Pens or Markers to Decorate – start by looking in your recycle bin!



1. Cut up a handful of roughly 1/3-inch wide by 3 inches long pieces of different colored construction paper.
2. Slip one piece of the construction paper through the top of the paper clip. Fold the paper strip in half over the top of clip and glue together to secure.Chipper-Craft_Bookmark-2 3. Repeat the process above two more times at an angle to get 3 strips as seen above or just start with one.
4. Once the papers are glued, grab your decorations – small sequins and foam shapes like we used here work great – and glue them along the piece of paper both front and back. Repeat for each piece of paper.
5. Voila! You’ve got cute new bookmarks for the back to school season!