“I’m bored!”– 5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

The long awaited summer is here and school’s out. Kids run around all day long, enjoying their freedom, until they’re so tired and they fall fast asleep with no resistance at night. The excitement doesn’t last forever though, and eventually these dreaded words come out of their mouths – “I’m bored!”

Summer Activities for Kids

As a parent, this is inevitable, especially in the summer time. We spend tons of time and money on entertainment to keep our children’s boredom at bay. Whether it be going to the water park, taking them to the movies, or even sending them off to camp, these entertainment choices add up and can be quite expensive!

This summer, encourage your kids to use their imaginations! Save your money and have your kids meet new people and try out some new skills. Here are 5 tips to keep your kids busy this summer without breaking the bank:

1. Explore the backyard!

Summer Activities for Kids

The backyard contains endless amount of different plants and flowers that can really spark children’s interests. There are all kinds of plants and animals to explore! Have them explore small insects such as ants or ladybugs with some magnifying glasses or have them sit one place and do some birdwatching. To keep it interesting, you can create a scavenger hunt! But whether you plant a garden or observe  the local wildlife, it’s not a bad idea to explore and utilize your backyard! Here’s a list of 50 ways to explore your backyard!

2. Paint!

Summer Activities for Kids

Painting is a great way to keep your young children occupied. It may not seem like much, but kids can stay engrossed in painting for a long time. Set up a nice easel in the warm weather outside to avoid any big messes inside and give your kids a canvas, some paintbrushes, and a lot of paint. See what they can do. Painting will set off their creative senses and put them in a world of their own. If your kids have a hard time coming up with ideas of what to paint, you could give them a little prompt. Have them paint their favorite place, an imaginary world, a person they admire, finger paint different animals, or have them try painting an egg carton for a rock collection as seen above. The possibilities are endless!

3. Cook!

It may sound boring at first- but cooking with your kids can be a fun experiment! It can be a chance for you to cook something new and for your kids to discover some new foods they like. There are tons of treats and sweets that you guys can cook and bake together. From rainbow popsicles to mini sandwiches, check our Cooking With Kids section for more great and easy recipes your kids will love. Then at the end, take all your food and go on a picnic!

4. Hike!


Hiking is an excellent way to get you and your whole family outdoors. When the weather cools down a little in the evening, take your family to a hiking trail. Not only will the family bond in the wonderful and clean air, but you guys can also watch the sunset. If there are no hiking trails nearby, walk around the neighborhood or anywhere the sun is visible. It’s also a good outlet for exercise, which is important for all members of the family no matter how old or young. If you decide to go earlier in the day, then you can even take the food you cooked from #3 and enjoy a picnic!

5. Read-a-thon!

Summer Activities for Kids

Reading is essential. Fostering a love for reading early in your child’s life can reap big benefits in the future. There are so many books out there, and your kid is bound to find at least a couple he or she likes. If getting your child to read is difficult, offer them an incentive for finishing books (take them to the park or let them choose their afternoon snack!) or read out loud to them. Check out Chipper’s Eco-Educational Books or the New York Library list of 100 books that are perfect for kids here!

What are some other ways you keep the Summer boredom at bay? Share with Chipper in the comments below!