Mish Mash Monday Nacho Style

After a weekend of kids in the house, family visiting or just the never ending barbecues with neighborhood friends Monday is here and the idea of cooking from scratch might have you scratching your head wondering “What am I going to do for dinner?” And then it’s off to the store for more groceries. Not so fast …

When we are down to a few ingredients in the fridge and cupboard, we like to tap into leftovers and then make up the meal we call “Mish-Mash Monday.” Try not to go and buy anything but see what you can pull together. And enlist your kids in the hunt!

Cooking with Kids

Some snacks the kids made themselves!

As we continue to celebrate Independence this month we’re going into the kitchen to whip up some nachos courtesy of one of our ten year old Chipper Ambassadors. They are the perfect side dish and delicious with just three ingredients. Feel free to add in leftover veggies, cut up chicken, or steak from the weekend barbecue – you decide. And if you’re worried that the tortilla chips have gone stale – just a few minutes in the oven before adding the toppings and they will crisp up for you.

When you go into the kitchen with your children, be mindful of how old your kids are and follow some of our tips on age-appropriate responsibilities in the kitchen:

2-year-olds can:
• Wipe tabletops
• Wash fruits and vegetables
• Tear lettuce or greens
• Break cauliflower or broccoli into pieces
• Carry ingredients from one place to another
3-year-olds can:
• Knead and shape dough
• Mix or pour ingredients
• Shake liquids in a covered container to mix them
• Apply soft spreads
• Put things in the trash
4-year-olds can:
• Peel oranges or hard-boiled eggs
• Mash bananas or cooked beans with a fork
• Cut parsley and green onions with kid-safe scissors
• Set the table
5 to 6-year-olds can:
• Measure ingredients
• cut fruits and veggies
• wash dishes/unload the dishwasher
• Use an egg beater

And, if you’re tired of hollering “get off your phone” turn the tables and voila you have a new tool to create. Our Chipper Ambassador created a movie to demonstrate her recipe with two other helpers in the kitchen (a 5 and 6 year old), which made the entire experience more engaging for everyone!

Callie cuts cookies from the dough!

Share your Mish-Mash Monday recipe and add in how you encourage your children to help in the kitchen. Post and hashtag #mishmashmonday – if we pick your recipe we’re sending you a box of Chipper Snackies. Can you resist?