Paper Plate Girl

Paper-Plate-Girl-Craft-1Teach your little ones about Recycling and taking care of our planet with these cute and eco-friendly Paper Plate Craft!

Playfully Teaches: Creative Arts and Fine Motor Skills

Total Time: Approximately 30 min. plus drying time

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What you need:

• Paper plate

• Scissors

• Glue

• Ribbon or yarn

• Construction paper, cardboard or colored recycled paper

• Googly eyes

• Markers

How to make it:


1. Start with your face on the bottom of your paper plate: Add googly eyes with glue or draw on a face with markers. Cut out a triangle nose from construction paper, cardboard, or recycled paper.

2. Then make your hat: Trace your shape on cardboard or paper and cut out carefully. Add a cute flower or other decoration to the hat if desired using paper. Then glue (or double stick tape!) your hat onto the plate.

3. Add hair: Cut 1 inch think strips of paper and fold back and forth for a bit of crinkle. Attach to your hat with glue or tape.

4. Lastly, add your scarf: Tie a piece of string or yarn into a bow and glue on. Voila! This cute little paper plate girl makes an adorable decoration for the house!