Independence Day Lantern

The fourth of July is here! This day marks when the original 13 colonies fought in the American Revolution and eventually gained independence from Great Britain in 1776. In 1941, the fourth of July was declared a federal holiday by Congress. Speeches, military events, parades, fireworks and American flag art by Ali Spagnola are some of the things that Americans do to celebrate this special day. Chipper loves to show his patriotism with red, white and blue crafts!IMG_6915

Independence Day events can be fun but very hectic and it’s important that you and your family stay safe. If fireworks are permitted in your community, keep your friends and family at safe distance from them at all times. Also because the month of July is an especially hot month, remember to drink lots of water and keep your family hydrated to avoid any heat-related illnesses. Keep your water and snacks cool with this adorable “Stars and Stripes” tote! Click here for more Chipper Tips for Independence Day!

In addition to all these festivities, you and your family can begin this special day with a fun and easy craft – an Independence Day Lantern! Add a battery-operated candle in and take it with you to see Fireworks or use it as a beautiful table centerpiece at your 4th of July Celebration. It’ll also look great next to these Patriotic Treats from The Chipper Cookie Company!

Independence Day Lantern

What you’ll need:

IMG_6909Blue, White or Yellow, and Red sheets of paper

• Scissors

• A pen

• Glue

Here are the directions:

IMG_69121. Cut two equal blue strips of paper that is about 2 inches wide and 8 inches long. The length may vary depending on how big you want the lantern to be (for a wider lantern that will fit more than one small teacup , cut a longer strip).

2. Cut 6-7 strips of red paper, all about an inch thick.

3. Lay the two blue strips of paper down and begin gluing one tip of the red strips to one blue strip and the other tip on the other blue strip and leave on red strip for later.

4. After everything is glued together and the paper looks something like a ladder, glue the opposite edges of the blue strips to each other, creating a circular cylinder.

5. On a yellow or white sheet of paper, draw out 10-15 small stars.

6. Cut out the stars and glue them all throughout the lantern on the red strips of paper.

7. After everything is finished, grab the remaining red strip and glue both ends inside the top circle creating an upside down “U” shape which will create the handle.

8. For this optional step, grab a paper plate or a piece of cardboard and place it under the lantern. Then cut out a circle from the cardboard or plate to fit the bottom of the lantern and glue it on to create an enclosed lantern!

9. Add a battery-operated candle in (don’t use flames – could catch fire!)

How are you and your family celebrating this 4th? Share with Chipper in the comments below or on Facebook!