After School Fun + Steak Recipe

School Just Started and I’m Cheating Already

I'm a Chipper MomI wasn’t particularly excited for school to start, I actually love having the kids around me even if they are scribbling around my notes on the whiteboard in my office. But it did, and collectively the parents around me smiled, winked, and exclaimed “Finally!” I felt like the day only got busier as I realized all of those little things that bounce forward every day on the “To Do” list were suddenly ready to be completed.

So as the day ends and I look forward to catching up a bit tonight I’m met with: “What’s for dinner?” …and “Can you help me with my homework?” I want to say “yes” to both so I’m going to cheat and let two of my favorite bloggers share their incredible tips today. It may be cheating but when you read you’ll know their answers make the grade on two important aspects of our lives: Feeding and tending to the hearts and minds of our children

images-1Ten Tips for After School Fun by Annie Fox

It’s Monday… again, back on the hamster wheel. Wasn’t it just Friday afternoon? What happened to those weekend plans to relax? Maybe go for a family bike ride? Or out for some food and a movie? And then, on late Sunday afternoon, you planned to tune into Spa Radio and fall asleep on the couch. But someone took your nap,they?  ‘Cause you sure never got it. None of the rest of those plans materialized either.  Read blog.

Family Meal: Flat Iron Steak
  by Valerie Rice Eat-Drink-Garden

Santa Barbara is not home to one stop shopping.  We have an obscene amount of things working in our favor— weather, beautiful architecture, gardens, beaches, and occasional Rob Lowe sightings, shall I go on? But convenient shopping is not one of them. I ping pong my way up and down the 101 trying to fulfill simple grocery lists. Read recipe.