Chipper Recycle Craft + Activity: Nature Journal

Chipper playfully teaches Earth and Space Science, Creative Arts and Fine Motor Skills.Create your own special nature journal with recycled materials that can both help save the environment and embrace the beauty of nature!

Explore and Collect materials like:

• Recycled paper (Paper bags, used computer paper, light colored newspaper, light colored magazine pages, etc.)

• Cereal Box or any recycled cardboard box

• Hole puncher

• String and yarn

• Paint, markers, crayons, colored pencils

• Leaves, petals, seeds, and sticks

Chippers Tips:

• During your outdoor adventures, help your child engage their five senses to evaluate what they see, smell, taste, hear, and feel. When they find something that peaks their curiosity, ask questions and peak their interest in drawing or writing it in their journal.

• Ideas to inspire creativity – cloud chasing or finding characters in clouds, bird watching, evaluating insects, making silly faces with friends, eating a piece of fruit and finding various types of leaves!

• Tell your child to, “Play but don’t stray!” when they are exploring and to “Keep your tail on the trail!”

Let's Go Chipper | Nature Journal

Make your journal.

Making your Nature Journal: 

1. For cover: Decide on the size of your journal and trace and cut out from your cereal box or every day box. You can use either side of the box to face out.

2. Decorate the cover using collected and coloring materials.

3. Journal pages: cut the paper bags or found papers to just within the size of the cover.

4. With adult help use a hole puncher to make 3-5 holes lined up on the front and back cover. Do the same with the inside journal pages.

5. Weave the yarn/string to connect the journal and tie a bow at the top or bottom to secure the bindry.

6. Time for creating! Encourage story telling through pictures and images, words, and found materials all celebrating nature or daily experiences. Make it a weekly activity to explore the outdoors and then add to your nature journal!

Let’s Go Chipper into the Great Outdoors!

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