Chipper Recycle Craft: 3 Fun Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Valentines is the perfect time to show your love! Your love of family, friends, community…and NATURE! Recycling crafts are not only a fun activity to get creative, they teach our children to reuse, reduce and recycle materials rather than tossing things in the trash. Explain to your little one’s that paper comes from trees and trees make our air, so let’s conserve and reuse!

Nothing’s as special as a home-made craft. Connect on an intimate level not only by making something but by giving extra kisses and hugs this month. It’s the little things that really matter so spread your love in small ways. Share a special family moment with Chipper on Facebook for a chance to win some delicious homemade heart cookies!

CRAFT #1 – Toilet Paper Roll Heart Prints

What you need:

• Toilet paper roll

• Paint

• Recycled paper or news paper


• Simply shape your toilet roll into a heart by folding it in half. Use tape to secure shape if necessary.

• Fill a small plate or container lid with pain the color of your kiddo’s choice.

• Dip one end of your toilet roll heart into the paint, and press against your paper like a stamp.

• Repeat as desired. To make a different color, simply flip your heart stamp and use the clean end or make another heart stamp with a fresh recycled roll.

• Hang up on the fridge or in the class to decorate for the holiday of love! Great for making homemade Valentine’s Day cards.

CRAFT#2 – Sweet Stuff Container

Make an adorable container for your Valentine’s Day treats! Customize for that special someone or make a bunch for your whole class!

What you need:

• Toilet paper roll

• Paint, markers, stickers, etc.

• Tape


• Color and decorate your toilet roll with paint, markers, stickers, buttons, crayons, etc. Sky’s the limit with recycle crafts. Use what you can find around the house or in your waste bins! You’ll be surprised how creative your kid can be.

• Bend in the sides on each end, securing one end with tape or glue.

• Fill your container with yummy sweet, love notes, or some special coupons for the parents like, “Worth 10 Hugs!”

• Bend the open end to close and secure with tape, glue, or even some pretty ribbon or string!

• Share with loved ones and friends.

CRAFT#3 – Crayon Hearts

Reuse old and broken crayons with this creative craft!

What you need:

• A bunch of old, broken or unused crayons.

• Heart cookie mold or tin

• Conventional Oven


• Heat the oven to 250°.

• Fill each heart mold with crayon pieces. You can mix colors or try coordinating them.

• Place heart mold or tray into the oven and bake until the crayons melt, about 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure to place a sheet pan under the crayons to catch any drips.

• Once they’re cool, remove the hearts from the molds and smooth any rough edges by rubbing them on a piece of scrap paper.

• Give away to friends with a note saying, “You color my world!” or enjoy them at home. Fun gift that keeps on giving when you use them for future crafts!

What’s your favorite thing about Valentine’s day? Share with Chipper!