Have a Chipper New Year!

It’s that time of the year again.

Happy New Year! A few days in and I’m already asking myself why I resolved to eliminate sugar from my diet.  Many researchers state that most individuals whom set New Year’s resolutions are successful for the first two weeks – about 71% according to the University of Scranton, Journal of Clinical Psychology, and barely 50% of us are still committed by the sixth month. The biggest reason we abandon our resolutions is because there isn’t a clearly defined strategy to help us achieve the goal. Kind of like parenting! Most of us say “I want to be a better parent” …or I want my child to achieve ____, but what we need to do first is stop and assess the needs of our children and ourselves then create a clear path to success.

For example, my resolution (daily) is always: “I want to raise an emotionally fit, capable and conscientious child.” The results of this goal would be an independent, productive adult thriving within the life they choose to lead.  I’ve got a ways to go but I try to practice an approach steeped in behaviors I learned as a child, and ideas studied and proven by various behaviorist around the world.

The basic strategy for our family is: Provide a safe and stable environment, Ground Rules, based on mutual respect and contribution; and encouragement to reach the stars. My childhood was choc full of responsibilities “chores” which needed to be completed before free time. Now it’s the same with my children. This simple strategy teaches everyone to participate in the operating of the home both physically and emotionally. Adopting this strategy alone will help your child grow up to take care of themselves; while also infusing a collaborative spirit necessary for them to grow in a business environment.

My daily action items are exercises in patience, creativity, motivation, support, and resolve. Allowing my children to see this gives them a better understanding that life takes work and the rewards are loving and joyful. I resolve to continue these daily actions.

As you set your own resolutions for 2014 how about adding in your strategy, and make it inclusive. Research shows sharing your resolutions and goals with others builds a support system so start with your spouse or partner at home.

For example, instead of saying “I want to lose ten pounds,” how about: “This year I will take a daily walk with my child or partner and always have fresh fruit in a bowl on the counter.” Hmmmm, sounds easy. Did you roll your eyes? Well, instinct might just send you reaching for that apple next time you come home starving from a day full of “to do’s” rather than foraging through the cupboard and opening up a bag of chips.  And that walk you schedule will become routine; research shows repetition is what reinforces a behavior so let’s add some physical activity for the entire family. Don’t let inclement weather deter you – a little music in the living room will get your heart rate up and awaken all the senses when you’ve got a little one to boogie with.

So back to me and my big resolution to eliminate sugar from my diet – well, three days in and I’ve adopted a long-standing Chipper mantra “Healthy before sweet, can’t be beat.” We’ve said it many times but I was reminded by my own child today when I squirmed at the taste of coffee without any sugar. I’ll keep a healthy eating outlook and fresh veggies at-the-ready but my little spoonful of sugar to help start my day is back in the daily grind and it’s a Happy New Year once again.