Fun Winter Activities and Exercises for You and the Kids


During the Holidays and cold winter months, it’s easy to want to hibernate like Peabody the Bear! But with all the extra feasts and sweets, it’s important to stay active and keep your body healthy and strong. Don’t let the cold keep you inside all winter. Bundle up in your winter coats, hats, gloves and ear muffs and go enjoy the snow! Here’s a list of fun outdoor and indoor activities to try this winter and stay active with the kiddos while connecting with nature:

• Have a snowball fight or “contest” of who can roll the biggest ball

• Build a snowman: get creative and make some snow animals or a hand-stand snow man!

• Go sledding. Who can go the farthest?

• Watch the snow fall and catch snowflakes on your tongue, there are no two alike!

• Make a snow angel!

• Make snow paint. Simply add food coloring to water and put in a spray bottle, then go out and paint your yard!

• Build a snow fort or maze.

• Shoveling snow is hard work. It’s also awesome exercise — even for kids. Pick up a kid-sized shovel and have them help out by clearing a path in the snow, or digging to make fun patterns. Afterwards, they can have fun following their winding snow paths!

• Go ice skating at a local ring or lake.

• Blow bubbles on freezing days and watching them turn into ice bubbles — they look amazing!

• Hit the slopes with skis or snowboards!

• Go snowshoeing! Rent them or make your own.

• Head to the playground. It will be transformed by snow and ice, and more likely than not, you’ll have it all to yourselves!

• Play a game of winter horseshoe by burying a wide-mouthed water bottle in the snow so that the mouth is flush with the snow’s surface, then gathering sticks or small stones to toss into it from a few yards back. You can create your own version with a can or bowl in a backyard or park.

• Break out the binoculars and look for winter critters. They are easier to spot with the leaves all gone. How many animals can you and you little one’s spot?

• Try tracking some animals in the snow! Here’s a guide to recognizing animal tracks.

• Collect pine cones and make a craft!

• Make paper snowflake cut-outs.

• Reread a favorite book and check out Chipper’s Eco-Ecucational Series!

• Complete a jigsaw puzzle or play a game with the whole family.

• Take a winter hike and breathe in the smell of pine. How many different pine trees can you spot and name?

• Find pine branches to make and hang a wreath.

• Take a walk around the block to admire your neighbors’ holiday lights

• Go caroling and bring some Christmas cheer to your friends and neighbors!

What winter activities keep you moving? Let Chipper know!