Chipper Recycled Crafts for Kids: Paper Plate Christmas Decorations

The Holiday Season is officially up and running! From Christmas feasts and family gatherings, to buying gifts and decorating the house, things can get a little hectic! Instead of focusing on the frenzy of it all, try to enjoy each moment as it comes and let the little things go …”It’s the most wonderful time of the year” after all!


Here are a few Chipper Tips as you approach the holidays: playful yet disciplined to help create boundaries for yourself and those around you.

1. It’s not “No” it’s “not Now” – Don’t give in to yourself or your child as it pertains to food, activities, or purchases. Set up a goal-oriented mindset. Establish the goal, write it down, work for it, and then reward. It becomes a game and everyone can celebrate the win – be it a sweet, ski outing, or outfit/toy. Do this together with your child so they understand that there are things that you want and may get, but some you need to work for as well. Check out our cute Chipper Plush for an adorable stocking stuffer that will delight your child and teach a daily “positive mindset” exercise!

2. I’m Chipper for…  We all say “I’m thankful” at Thanksgiving then most of us shop like crazy the day after and quickly forget the real reason for the season! This year, fill in the blank “I’m Chipper for ____” everyday with yourself or child. Research shows by focusing on what makes you happy you can improve your physical and mental health. The Mayo Clinic offers extensive research on the matter – but just try it for yourself. Identify something immediately in front of you to be happy about – I’m Chipper for skipping, bumping into an old friend, the penny I found, or the sunshine coming through the clouds. You can change your mindset and the effect is longer-lasting. Find full instructions here!

3. Being prepared – How many times have you said “you wish you would have been better prepared”? Adopt this exercise – get what you need done out of your head, off of your iPhone, and on to a pad that sits right with your keys or someplace accessible. Is it dry cleaning for you? Snack pack for your child? Whatever it is, just write it down and put it in a place where you can see it immediately. Sound familiar? Maybe something you saw your own parent do when you were a child? It works. Get it out of your head and onto paper so you can just get it done! Read about the benefits of writing things down here.

Teach your little ones about Recycling and taking care of our planet with these cute and eco-friendly Christmas Crafts! Learn how to make your Home Made Christmas Tree Ornaments from Recycled Cards here!


Fill your paper plate with buttons, sequins, glitter, yarn, pasta noodles, or even dried Fall leaves and make a Paper Plate Christmas Wreath. Here’s what you need to get started:

1. Paper Plate

2. Scissors

3. Glue

4. Ribbon or String to hang

5. Decorations: Red & Green Construction Paper, Glitter, noodles, paint, markers or crayons, buttons, or whatever tickles your fancy!

How to make it: 

1. Cut a hole in the center of your plate using the ridged edge as your guide. Don’t throw the scraps away! Cut into little circles and leaves and color with a red and green markers then glue together for little Mistletoes!

2. Poke a small hole into the edge of your plate. String through a piece of ribbon or yarn and tie in a circle. This will be the “top” of your wreath and what you’ll use to hang it up once your done.

3. Decide on your decorations: Color your plate with markers, mistletoe or glue on some buttons and painted noodles. Chipper loves glitter even though it can get a little messy (HINT: use another paper plate to decorate on to keep the mess to a minimum!) Sky’s the limit with how you decorate. There is no right or wrong way and allowing your child to decide for themselves how to decorate lets them to use their imagination and practice their problem solving skills. Here are a few example ideas:


4. Now go hang it up! Whether on your door, tree, or refrigerator, these make for fun decorations made with love by your tot.

Stray away from tradition and get real creative with an Adorable Snow Girl (or boy!).

Paper Plate Recycle Christmas Craft for KidsWhat you need:

1. Paper Plate

2. Scissors

3. Glue

4. Ribbon or yarn

5. Construction Paper/Cardboard or colored recycled paper

6. Googly Eyes

7. Markers

How to make it: 

 1. Start with your face on the bottom of your paper plate: Add googly eyes with glue or draw on a face with markers. Cut out a triangle nose from construction paper/cardboard/recycled paper.

2. Then make your hat: Trace your shape on cardboard or paper and cut out carefully. Add a cute flower or other decoration to the hat if desired using paper. Then glue (or double stick tape!) your hat onto the plate.

3. Add hair: Cut 1″ think strips of paper and fold back and forth for a bit of crinkle. Attach to your hat with glue or tape.

4. Lastly, add your scarf: Tie a piece of string or yarn into a bow and glue on. Voila! Cute little snow girl makes an adorable decoration for the house this Holiday Season.

Paper Plate Recycle Christmas Craft for Kids

Have a Chipper Holiday! Tell us about your crafts and ideas this Christmas 🙂 Check out these 7 Recycled Christmas Crafts for Kids!