Chipper Recycled Crafts for Kids: Fill your Plate Thanksgiving Decorations!

Need some last minute Thanksgiving crafts and decorations? Try making these adorable crafts using recycled paper plates and fall leaves.


First, recycle a couple of paper plates that you have left over. Cut out the middle part of one of them if making a wreath, leaving the rim (about 1-1.5″ from edge).

Then, gather your decorations! Find colorful falls leaves and dry them over night in a book. Gather ribbons, buttons and anything around the house you want to decorate with. Find some colored construction paper or use recycled paper and markers to create your turkey body.


Finally, decorate! Use glue or double stick tape to attach leaves and create a Turkey! Fall leaves make the perfect turkey feathers. You can even find small leaves to make the beak and gobble. Use yellow and brown construction paper for the feet and body.


For the wreath, try wrapping ribbon around your plate and adding a few real dried leaves or fake felt ones. Buttons, feathers, acorns and more can be glued on as decorations.

When your done, hang ’em up! On the door, or refrigerator, these cute fun crafts are a great way to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday as well as teach about recycling. Fill your plate and not our landfills by recycling and reducing waste in any way you can.

Have a Chipper Thanksgiving!