Chipper Tips: Try new things with your kids!

Chipper always encourages others to try and learn new things! New experiences will inspire you and your kids to explore more and see the world in a new light. There are so many positive effects of trying a new experience.  Here are just a few:

1. Builds Confidence! When a child completes a task he never knew he could do, he feels more confident.  After making just one craft, your child will feel like an artist!

2. Conquers Fear! Freaked out by spiders? Try touching a tarantula. Chipper knows you really do not want to touch it.  He knows it will take every ounce of your being not to pull your hand away.  But once you touch it, you’ll realize your fear was unnecessary. You may still not like spiders, but now you know that tarantulas are actually kind of fuzzy and soft to the touch.  If they weren’t so ugly, they might even make good pets.

3. Widens Your Comfort Zone!  People often talk about “getting out of their comfort zone”, but that phrase implies discomfort.  Chipper prefers to use the term “widening” one’s comfort zone, especially when it comes to doing something new with a child.  If he or she tries something that is totally new to him and likes it, he just made his comfort zone a little bigger.  Once he becomes older, his comfort zone will be a wide open place.  Hopefully, that will make trying new experiences and being open to new ideas easier for him.

4. Realize New Interests! Your child may have never asked to go ice skating before you try it but once he does, it’ll makes all the difference. If she has never been exposed to it, she’ll have no idea what she’s missing! Once you do, he could count ice skating as one of his favorite things and want to learn how to spin and skate backwards.

5. Expands Background Knowledge!  The more a child can relate to what he is learning in school, the better he will understand the material.  For example, a child who has played with Snap Circuits will have an easier time comprehending more complex ideas in an electricity unit than a child who has never even seen a circuit before.  As a child completes new experiences, she adds to the wealth of knowledge already stored in her brain.  She can draw upon that background knowledge in school and life (and trivia games!).

So, Let’s Go Chipper and try something new with your child today! Leave a comment and let Chipper know what new experience you’d like to do with your child. 🙂