“I’m Chipper for…” Program: Benefits of Positive Reinforcement

We are introducing our “I’m Chipper for…” program now that our Chipper plushies have arrived! This program is a way to bring positive reinforcement into your daily life. Positive thinking plays a major role in building resilience and coping skills; it centers on a belief in one’s self and approach to challenges. In order to inspire positive thinking, use positive reinforcement with your children or students. Positive reinforcement can help improve your children’s or students’ behavior without hurting their self-esteem. Moreover, research has shown that positive reinforcement might have fewer long-term consequences and more life-long benefits!

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Use Chipper as a positive reinforcement tool! Here’s how:

1. First, in silence, lift Chipper up and attract your student’s attention forward.

2.Then, Make eye contact with children individually, smile. Inhale and exhale.

3. Hold Chipper close to your heart and inhale again, then exhale. Begin your thought:

“Today, I am Chipper For _______”

Be honest and joyful. It is a positive pause to allow everyone to contemplate your “chipper” moment. You can be “chipper” for just about anything:

• The rainbow you saw on the way to school.

• The dog you saw playing at the park.

• The sunshine in the day.

• The way your students played before lining up for class.

• The way a child resolved a situation on the playground.

Now ask your class:

“What are you Chipper for?”

Responses can be in silence. You can pass Chipper to a child and ask for a response. This can also be a daily “passing” exercise so children anticipate sharing a positive thought with their classmates. This exercise should take 3-5 minutes and kids should be settled. Utilize at the beginning of school, after recess, or when a class becomes disruptive and attention needs to be redirected.

Remember: Each day start off by bringing the attention forward with your thoughtful comment. If you pass Chipper and ask for participation, reiterate there is no right or wrong answer. It is okay to giggle and be nervous! It is okay to think about what you are Chipper for and just smile–you are sharing a moment and an emotion.


• As students become comfortable sharing their Chipper feelings identify age-appropriate issues and practice taking a more positive approach to solving the issue.

• Use your Chipper Moment to settle your class throughout the day. Quiet yourself and bringing attention forward.

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