Arbor Day Palm Tree Craft

Happy Arbor Day! Arbor Day is a national holiday that encourages people to care for, appreciate, and plant trees. Each state tends to celebrate Arbor Day on its own day, the most common date for Arbor day is the last Friday of April. Proposed by a journalist by the name of J. Sterling Morton, the first Arbor day was celebrated in Nebraska, 1872. Other countries besides the United States celebrate environmentalism and tree-planting, too:

Japan – Greening Week

Israel – The New Years Day of Trees

Korea – The Tree Loving Week

Yugoslavia – The Reforestation Week

Iceland – The Students’ Afforestation Day

India – The National Festival of Tree Planting

In celebration of Arbor Day, Chipper made a coffee sleeve tree recycle-craft this week! This craft is simple, eco-friendly, and even incorporates the theme of trees for Arbor Day!

What you need:

First, cut the coffee sleeves open and cut pieces to create a trunk. Cut the green coffee sleeves open and cut leaf shapes. If you don’t have green coffee sleeves, just use marker, paint, or crayon to color your coffee sleeves green! Then, place glue (or tape!) down the center of your piece of construction paper.

Chipper Craft_Recycle Palm Tree

And there you have it – a fun and simple tree craft for Arbor Day! After creating this craft, spend some time with your little one discussing trees. Did you know that trees help keep our soil healthy by minimizing soil erosion? Or  that there are over 23,000 kinds of trees on Earth? Click here to read and learn more about trees!

Let’s Go Chipper for Arbor Day!

(Chipper got the idea for this craft from this blog.)