Chipper Recycle Crafts: DIY Paper Flowers

Recycle crafts are great for the environment, low-budget, and really teach kids how to maximize the resources around them into a creative utility. With spring right around the corner, these bright paper flowers are the perfect craft to refresh a classroom or any kind of room space.

What you'll need for a DIY flower

How to make a Paper Flower:

1. Color in the cardboard packaging fillers in with your favorite color marker–be sure to color both sides! These pieces of cardboard are from the packaging material between some bowls that were recently purchased. If you don’t have these flower-looking pieces of cardboard lying around, use some scrap cardboard and cut out a similar shape! Don’t have cardboard? Local grocery stores will often give them out for free.

Flower Recycle Craft

2. Draw and cut out a small circle out of black construction paper. Chipper used a small bowl to draw a perfect circle. Similarly draw and cut out a bigger circle out of yellow construction paper. Chipper used a larger paper plate to measure out the diameter.

ImageMake you own flower

4.  With scissors, 1″ cut strips around the perimeter of the black ovule at every 1/4″ or so.  Do the same with the yellow stamen, about 2″ strips.

learning the parts of a flower craft

5. Using a thin marker, pencil or chopstick, curl the strips on both the black and yellow circles.

making a recycled flower

6. Using glue or tape (Chipper used glue), assemble all the pieces together. The order is as follows, from bottom to top: two cardboard packaging fillers, the yellow stamen, and the black ovule.

How to make a flower DIY

7. Create leaves by folding green construction paper in half and drawing a leaf shape. Cut them out and glue or tape them to the back of the assembled flower!

Flower craft

Once your little one has finished his/her floral creation, have your kids name the flower parts and functions of the parts they assembled! (Leaves, petals, stamen, ovule).  By interacting with the flower in a hands-on way, kids will remember and recall the information more easily.

Parts of a Flower