Learn about Metamorphosis: Chipper Caterpillar and Butterfly Crafts

Teaching our younger generations about natural processes is not just about them passing science class. It gives them a deeper understanding of the world and all it’s critters.  Metamorphosis is a process some animals go through to become adults! It is a series of physical changes. Metamorphosis is especially common in insects. Genes and chemicals called hormones control the process.

Teach your little one’s about this natural process with a hands-on craft project! First make a recycled caterpillar craft and talk about how the caterpillar must eat lots of leaves before making his cocoon. Explain that this biological transformation into an adult happens with in the pupal casing spun of silk.

Caterpillar Craft - Let's Go Chipper


Craft Supplies

-Glue or Tape

-Constructions Paper


-Hole Pincher

-Pipe Cleaners or any other material to make antennas

-Google eyes or a marker/pen to make the face and eyes

-Toilet Paper Roll (for Butterfly body)


First, cut two inch-thick strips of paper in two different colors (or the same color, it’s up to you!).

Caterpillar Craft - Let's Go Chipper

Then, either tape or glue the two strips of paper together at a right angle. Caterpillar Craft - Let's Go Chipper

Now, just fold one strip of paper over the other, going from color to color, until your reach the ends of the paper! Then secure with glue or tape.

Caterpillar Craft - Let's Go ChipperCaterpillar_4

Add antennae by punching two holes into your caterpillar’s head, cutting an 2 inch long segment from a pipe cleaner, and stringing it through. Caterpillar5Caterpillar6Caterpillar7

Now for the Butterfly! When he’s ready, the adult unravels the silk to enter a new world of flight! Much like when your little one leaves home for college or other pursuits, the newly-formed butterfly must learn to take care of itself. Complement this information with an adorable butterfly craft made from a recycled toilet paper roll!

Butterfly Craft - Let's Go Chipper


This is a very simple craft. First, fit a strip of construction paper around your toilet paper roll and secure with tape or glue.

Then cut out wings (best way to do this is fold a paper in half, draw half of the wings with a pencil then cut out!).

Attach wings to your toilet roll body with glue or tape and then decorate! Use glitter, googly eyes, or whatever you can find around the house. Add antennae like you did with the caterpillar or add a string to hang your butterfly creation around the house or outside!Avery looking through the binocs

Once your crafts are made, take them outside and see you if you can spot caterpillars, cocoons, and butterflies in your own backyard or nearest park! Making a set of recycled binoculars can be a fun additional craft to take outside and explore! Your little one(s) will not only learn about this natural process but get to look for it themselves. This hands-on approach solidifies their newly found knowledge into their minds so they will remember it and connect with it throughout their lives. Let’s Go Chipper into the Great Outdoors!