Home-made Valentines Day Cards and Decorations

Chipper and Paisley Valentines Day
“To love one’s self is the beginning of a life-long romance.” -Oscar Wilde

February is the month of love! Show your appreciation to your friends, family and loved ones by making them a Valentine’s Day card or decoration. Nothing’s as special as a home-made craft. Connect on an intimate level not only by making something but by giving extra kisses and hugs this month. It’s the little things that really matter so spread your love in small ways.

Appreciate and care for the planet by making recycled crafts, it’s amazing what you can make from “trash.” Save some trees by reusing old Valentines Day cards: just cut off the cover from an old card then attach it to a fold piece of recycled scrap paper. Color it, add decorations, or cut it out in the shape of a heart. They sky’s the limit when crafting with recycled materials. Just use what you have around the house. Pink buttons would be adorable on a crafted card!

Make a “Love Bug!” 

Valentines Craft

First, cut out a heart (it’s easiest to fold a paper in half, draw a half heart from the fold, then cut along the line) from a recycled cereal or food box or any paper product that’s a bit thick.

Then add some love! Our Chipper friend Callie used red, white and black construction paper to make hearts and a red napkin to cover her big heart. She folded strips of black paper and glued on fuzzy pom pom’s for her love bug’s eyes! She used glue but tape can be used here as well. Add some googly eyes or some legs to your bug. Put it on a popsicle stick and play or hang it on the fridge.


Have fun making a love bug with a toilet paper roll and come paper scraps! Decorate with ribbons, beads, buttons and bag ties. Use pipe cleaners for antennae and made wings from construction paper. You can easily use recycled paper and color it red, pink and purple with crayons and markers.

Let’s Go Chipper and get crafty this Valentines Day!

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