Let’s Go Chipper Craft: Make a Helping Hand Tree

Let’s Go Chipper Craft: Make a Helping Hand Tree

let's go chipper helping hands

Double-click, save (optional), and print! Then have your little one(s) color and cut out.

Join Chipper and friends on a playful journey that will teach kids the importance of using our hands in helpful ways with our book, Helping Hands. By positively reinforcing the good that comes when we all work together, children will be ready to lend their hands and hearts around the home, school, and community.

Helping Hands

Whether you are a parent or a teacher, making a Helping Hands tree craft is a great activity to teach your little ones to lend a Helping Hand! Learning should always be fun too. Making a Helping Hands Tree Craft is easy. First, print out some of  Chipper’s Little Helping Hands coloring sheets above and ask your little one(s) to write and/or color how the ways we can/could help out our family, friends, and the planet! Such as use recycled paper when possible 😉Let's Go Chipper Thanksgiving Helping Hands

Not you can begin making your tree by taping or gluing strips of cardboard, brown construction paper and/or recycled paper bags to a recycled cardboard tree trunk (use a rectangular piece of cardboard, whatever side you like…You can make it more tree-like by cutting the edges with scissors). All you need is some tape or glue and a pair of scissors! You can add a “hole” in the trunk as seen below just by cutting out a circular shape from black construction paper and taping or gluing it on. We made the Helping Hand Tree below for a community Chipper Camp-out at the Sequoya Country Club, CA in under 15 minutes but it might take you a bit longer than that the first time 🙂 See a video of this fun camp out event here.

Let's Go Chipper Helping Hands Tree

Have your kids write and/or color something they have done to help out family, community or the environment on their helping hand. Then cut out and attach the hands as leaves for your tree. Keep adding to your tree all through the year and get inspired to help out in many different ways!

Helping Hands

Place your tree somewhere in your home or classroom to admire. Add more hands with every new way they help out! Make a fun game out of it and challenge your kids to fill up your tree by a certain date. Then have them share all they’ve done to help with friends and family and discuss other ways to help out. Our children learn by example so add a few hands of your own to the tree and connect with your kids positively.

Let’s Go Chipper and Lend a Helping Hand today!

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