Chipper Recycle Crafts: Make a Christmas Snowflake from Paper

Paper Snowflakes are a classic craft for Christmas time! They are easy to make yet also challenge your creative skills. And they make great decorations for around the house or on your tree during the Holiday Season. All you need for this craft are a pair of clean hands (you don’t want a dirty snowflake!), a pair of scissors, and some white paper (use recycled paper  and save some trees if you don’t mind a bit of text/etc. on your snowflake).

1) First, make a square from your paper. The easiest way to do this is to fold a triangle from one corner and cut of the extra (as shown below). Or you can be more tree-friendly and try making 2 squares in each 11X8.5″ piece of paper.

2) Second, fold into a triangle and then fold that triangle in half once again to make it a smaller triangle:

3)Now, imagine the triangle in thirds, and fold the right third over. If you want to be precise and have a protractor, each “third” in this step is a 30 degree angle. Fold the left third over.

4) Lastly, cut off the top of the paper at an angle. Make sure to cut if off so that all remaining layers of paper are equal. Cutting at an angle is what makes the points of the snowflake. Eventually, you’ll learn to cut at different angles to make snowflakes with points that are more or less sharp.

5) This is where your imagination comes in! Begin cutting away from the sides of the paper. Usually, cutting small triangles from the sides is easiest, but don’t forget to try other shapes.

Now reveal your snowflake and find a place to hang it somewhere in the house or hang it on your tree! See how many different styles you come up with. Like in nature, no two snowflakes will look exactly alike! Let’s Go Chipper and get crafty this Holiday Season!

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