Chipper Tips: ‘Tis the Season of Giving

“Your children need your presence more than your presents.” Jesse Jackson

Instead of having your kids obsess over what they want for Christmas, try something a little different this Holiday Season: Give gifts to those in need! Teach your kids to be generous and compassionate at an early age by taking them to a local food drive, have them help you giveaway or buy warm clothes for those who have nothing, or donate some old toys! If you want your kids to care about others, you need to show them how to do it. You’re their most influential teacher in life!

As the wonderful quote above implies, spend more time connecting and having fun with your kids this Christmas season than shopping for gifts. Have the family make gifts for each other this year or have a set amount to spend (lowers money/buying stress!). Try making Recycle Christmas Ornaments together for your tree. Or just play a favorite board game. Time spent with loved ones is more valuable than any material object you could buy!


Another way to give back this Christmas would be to bake and deliver cookies to people who have to work on Christmas Eve–at the airport, in hospitals, the fire station, even stores. Check ahead of time, since places these days have certain protocol about accepting gifts. But doing this as a family would brand your children’s memory with the importance of loving on others, even in small ways. (It’s the little things that count the most!)

Let’s Go Chipper is giving back by donating our Get Ready To Fly Activity Kit (HALF OFF this Holiday Season) and our Helping Hands Book, plus a few other Chipper goodies, to several schools on the East Coast that were hit particularly hard by Hurricane Sandy. We are also donating all our proceeds from our Helping Hands book this past month to the Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund.

Helping Hands

All proceeds from our Helping Hands book will go to the Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund! Click here to purchase!

Shape what Christmas means to your child(ren) this year and they will hold it with them when they have children of their own! Have a Chipper Holiday Season!