Chipper Crafts for Children: Helping Hand Turkey

Teach your kids to lend a Helping Hand this Holiday Season with Let’s Go Chipper’s Helping Hands Book! Join Chipper and friends on a playful journey that will teach kids the importance of using our hands in helpful ways. By positively reinforcing the good that comes when we all work together children will be ready to lend their hands and hearts around the home, school, and community.

Helping Hands

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Use our free Helping Hands download to make an awesome Thanksgiving Day Tree with hands filled with all the helpful things done by your little one(s) or try this fun Turkey Plate Craft. First, save our Helping Hands print out!

let's go chipper helping hands

Then start making your turkey! First add the turkey waddle AKA the “gulla-gulla.” Used folded pipe cleaner, construction paper, or coloring pencils/markers!

Then add the eyes. Fuzzy pom poms or googly eyes work nicely or just color in some eyes. Make this craft really simple by just using crayons and markers for the whole turkey or go nutty like Chipper and use feathers, paint, buttons or anything you can find around the house to decorate your Turkey!

Last but not least, add the feet and and color the feathers! Pipe cleaners or construction paper can be used for feet or color cardboard or paper and glue on. Once you are done, cut out and hang on the fridge or add it to your Thanksgiving table.

Letting your child figure out each element is part of the fun and a learning process! It’s not always about how it looks but how much fun you have making it!


Develop your little ones creativity by having a box full of craft/recycle items and letting them come up with their own crafts. It’s amazing to see what a child’s mind will come up with!

What kinds of crafts have your kids made? Share them with Chipper in the comments below or on Facebook!