Chipper Tips: Donate and Give Thanks!

Thanksgiving Donation

Donating food and goods to the needy is a great way to teach your child to give!

November is the month of giving! With Thanksgiving right around the corner, now’s the time to clear our those cabinets and closets. There are many, many people in need of food and warm clothes this Holiday Season. We can all make a difference by giving away and donating to our local food drive!  Find a food bank near you or donate to Feeding America online!

Feeding The Turkey

Feeding The Turkey!

Teach your child(ren) to be generous and giving by setting an example! Take them to your local Turkey Donation Station and make generosity fun! Having them put cans of food or extra warm clothes in the donation bins themselves is empowering and creates healthy habits! Actions speak louder than words–don’t just talk about it, DO IT!

Thanksgiving Turkey Donation

Donation Turkey in Corte Madera Town Square, CA

Giant turkey’s are a great attraction to bring in donations and also make it fun for the kids! Don’t have a donation station in your neighborhood? Start one! Or, learn how to create your own VIRTUAL food drive!

Donate or host your own Toys for Tots Drive so those in need can get a Christmas Day present too!

Get Ready to Fly with Chipper's Airplane Activity Kit

Get Ready to Fly with Chipper’s Airplane Activity Kit this 25% OFF Holiday Season–perfect for a kids travel gift or your next family trip!

Let’s Go Chipper is not only donating food locally, we are donating our Get Ready to Fly Activity Kit to kids in need this Holiday season! Get your own Chipper Airplane Activity Kit for more than %25 OFF this Holiday Season!

Helping Hands

All proceeds from our Helping Hands book will go to the Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund! Click here to purchase with 25% OFF!

In addition, all our November proceeds from our Helping Hands book, which teaches kids how to help out around the house and community, will go to the Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund! Lend a Helping Hand this month and give back to those in need!