Natural October Owls!


Owls make a great subject for teachers or parents to teach their child about wisdom and camouflage! Did you know that an Owls feathers are colored and designed to help them blend in with their surroundings? These amazing, ancient animals also have special flight feathers adapted for silent flight. They have developed special feather adaptations that enable them to minimize the sound made when flapping their wings. For instance, the leading edges of their primary feathers have a stiff fringes that reduces noise while the trailing edge of their primaries have soft fringes that helps to reduce turbulence. Downy feathers cover the surfaces of the wing to further reduce sound. Learn more awesome owl facts here.


What you will need: brown feathers, yellow construction paper, black magic marker, inside of a sunflower seed, glue, and brown construction paper or a paper plate.

How to make:

1. Draw an egg shape for the owl on to brown construction paper or paper plate and cut it out. The wider end of the egg shape is the owl’s head.

2. Glue two feathers on for the wings. Then glue on long feathers for the body.

3. Glue the shaft end of the feathers to the neck area so that the tips of the feathers form the owl’s tail feathers (Feathery part).

4. Cut the tips off of some of your feathers and glue them in a circular pattern onto the face area to make the facial disk.

5. Cut yellow circles from the construction paper and use a magic marker to color in the pupils. Glue on a sunflower seed for the beak.


What you will need: Pinecones (If possible use pinecones that are twisted at the bottom so that the bottom of the pinecone is showing from one side.), Small brown feathers, yellow construction paper, inside of a sunflower seed, Chenille stems (optional), wiggly eyes, and glue.

How to make a Pinecone Owl:

This is a very simple, quick and inexpensive craft for young children. Plus it can be a ton of fun to explore outside and search for Pine Cones! Older children may want to add legs to their owl using Chenille stems or pipe cleaners.

1. Glue two small feathers to the bottom of the pine cone to look like the tuffs of the great horned owl.

2. Glue more small feathers to the face area in a circular pattern starting with the shaft of the feather in the center of the face to make the facial disk.

3. Cut yellow eyes from the construction paper and glue to the facial disk. Use a magic marker to color in the pupils. Glue them to the face. Glue on a sunflower seed, point down, for the beak.

4. Bend Chenille stems to make the owl’s legs, and glue them between the scales of the pinecone.


These little owls look great in pinecone wreaths and Christmas trees.


Recycling has never been so cute! This craft makes a great party favor for a birthday or Halloween party!

What you will need: Brown paper lunch bag, brown construction paper, black marker, yellow cardstock or construction paper, glue, and newspaper ripped in quarters.

How to make a paper lunch bag owl:


1. Stuff a paper lunch bag with wrinkled up pieces of newspaper about half full. Pull the sides of the paper bag out from the top so that you can make a flat surface at the top of the bag.

2. Fold down the sides from the middle top of the bag and glue them down. Fold the down the point to the front of the bag making the top of the owls head. Pull up on the sides to make the horns and open them slightly.

3. Draw wings on brown paper and eyes and a beak onto yellow paper using a black Sharpie, and cut them out. Glue them to the bag.

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