Recycled Fall Leaf Garland from Coffee Filters

Paper plates, brown paper bags, and torn up paper are things that are great to use to create awesome arts and crafts projects. Invest in some paint; and look around the house for string, old buttons, newspaper, and beans. Whatever you can find! You can even looks outside! Leaves, pine cones, and sticks are perfect craft materials.

Celebrate the Fall season with this fun art project for kids: Coffee Filter Fall Leaf Garland! As the weather changes and families start to spend more time indoors consider arts and crafts for your child, as a fun way to pass the time and keep the boredom away. Turn off the TV and have a Family Arts and Craft Day! …or Night!


Create a colorful and easy Fall leaf garland with your tot or in the classroom that will have everyone loving the new Autumn season! This craft is wonderfully simple, making it a perfect project for little ones. Using coffee filters instead of plain paper creates really vibrant leaves that will spruce up any area, whether it’s your child’s bedroom or home room! Stringing the leaves to create the garland encourages your tot’s budding fine motor development, and offering your child marker-drawn leaves introduces staying within the lines while painting. The result is a really beautiful Fall leaf garland the whole family/class will love!

What You’ll Need:

• Coffee filters (cone or round)

• Red, yellow, orange, and brown markers

• Red, yellow, and orange watercolor paint

• Paintbrush

• Scissors

• Hole punch

• String


1. Help your child by drawing a leaf shape on a torn open coffee filter. If your tot is old enough to do this his own, show him how to carefully tear open the filter and offer him a marker to create the outline of a Fall leaf as seen below.


2. Continue painting coffee filter leaves until your child has created a big stack — around 10 to 12 painted leaves creates a really nice garland you can hang on your mantel or along the window so the colors are really highlighted!

3. Once the filters are dry, cut out the leaves by following the faded outlines and then use the hole punch to pop a hole at one end for lacing.


4. Offer your child a length of string and use for lacing the leaves. To secure them in place, tie a knot after each leaf and continue stringing until you have used up all your leaves.

Now, find the perfect spot for displaying your finished coffee filter Fall leaf garland and have a Chipper Fall!