Banana Slug Split

This week we are Chipper for Bruce the Banana Slug! Banana Slugs are nature’s greatest composter though they often given a bad rap for being slimy and eating your garden. The slimy part may be true, but not all slugs are harmful to your garden! Bruce works in North America to keep decaying matter cleaned up from the forest floor. He may grow to be 18 inches or longer but don’t worry, Banana Slugs have absolutely NO interest in eating your garden…They don’t even like to eat fresh greens (just the rotten brown kind)! Chipper salutes Bruce and his buddies for all the awesome work that they do! Hug a Slug today!

Chipper Products_Break it Down with Bruce

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If the slime makes you skirmish, try out this recipe instead. Real banana slugs aren’t so sweet, but you’ll love digging into this fruity treat!

Banana Slug Split

What you need:

• banana

• tangerine

• maraschino cherries (or try Organic Black Cherries to stay away from all that sugar!)

What you do:

1. Cut the banana in half lengthwise. Place it skin side down on a plate.

2. Peel the tangerine and break it into segments. Place the segments on top of the banana.

3. Cut the cherries in half and place one on top of each tangerine segment.


Let’s Get Chipper for Banana Slugs this week!!! What kind of slugs or snails live near you???

Recipe: Laura Blankenbaker

Photo: John Collins / Happy Medium Productions