Chipper Crafts: Helping Hands Fall Tree Activity

The first day of fall is this weekend! Celebrate with your little ones by going outside and observing the changing colors! Find some red, orange and yellow leaves and make a leaf collection! Put the leaves in a heavy book to dry and flatten. Then get creative!

Whether you are a parent or a teacher, make a fall craft with the kids! Fall is such a colorful time of year and the perfect time to introduce children to weather changes, leaves changing colors and the fall season. Make a fall tree for your home or classroom using paint and paper! Or take the craft a step farther by printing out Chipper’s Little Helping Hands coloring sheet (just copy and save image then print!)

Have your kids write something they have done to help out family, community or the environment and then color and cut out. Use the hands as leaves for your tree! This was a great activity when Chipper visited the Girl Scouts at their 100th Anniversary.

Craft items you need:

  • Paint (fall colors, along with bowls to hold and paint brushes) or just print out some Helping Hands and color with markers, crayons or coloring pencils.
  • Large easel paper or taped together recycled paper
  • Brown construction paper or taped together recycled Paper Bag

Begin by gluing a brown construction paper tree trunk with a few bare branches to a large sheet of easel paper.

For this easel activity, the children were invited to dab lots of color all over their tree branches. Feel free to make hand-print and/or foot-print leaves!

And voila, the kids have made a tree painting fall craft! The fall colors are magnificent! Let’s Go Chipper into the great outdoors this Fall!