3 Things You Can Do With Buttons

It’s amazing what you can do with various objects accessible around the house. For example, who doesn’t have a ton of buttons lying around? Every time you buy a new jacket, the extra buttons go into the sewing kit. Here are a few great ideas you can try out at home with the kids or just for fun!

They are quite simple and a great way to recycle old buttons. Crafts aren’t only enjoyable and rewarding, they can be educational and mentally beneficial. Crafts are especially unique and sentimental when made from stuff around the house. Next time you or your little one’s are bored and stuck inside, explore your house or apartment and have a craft material treasure hunt! You’ll be amazed by the craft ideas you come up with and make.

1. Mark a page!Bookworms of all stripes will love these bright place markers! They make sweet stocking stuffers and they’re fun and easy for kids to create. Simply cut lengths of ribbon (12 to 14 inches long, to fit a standard-size hardcover book), then attach buttons to the ends using tacky glue or a glue gun.

There are tons of decorating options: sandwiching the ribbon’s ends between two buttons; stacking smaller atop larger buttons; and grouping several small buttons in a pattern. Get creative!

Make a customized bookmark for as a great gift to friends or family that love to read. These would also be a great seller at the local craft fair. Remember, with crafts, the sky’s the limit!

2. Flip it!
This Button Skee-Ball game is fun for all ages and a great party game!  To make the target, use 2-inch-wide poster board rings (OR just use strips of plain old card board and construction paper or markers to color) 28″, 21″, 17″, and 8 inches long, secured at the seams with double-sided tape. Attach printed point values (or simply write them on) and assemble the rings as shown, securing them with more double-sided tape. Cut out a felt launchpad or just use some thick old cloth. Players take turns using a large button to flip 10 small buttons toward the target. Or simply stand at your throw marker and toss your buttons towards the rings. The player with the highest total score wins!

3. Jazz up a window!
A button mosaic becomes a cheery sun catcher when it’s sandwiched between layers of clear Con-Tact paper. To make one, cut out a square of Con-Tact paper, remove its backing, and lay it sticky-side up. (If you like, slide a drawing beneath the square as a guide.)  Place buttons on the square to create a shape, leaving at least a 1-inch border on all sides. When you’re done, cover the mosaic with a second Con-Tact paper square. Smooth the edges with a cotton swab and cut out the mosaic, leaving an -inch border on all sides. Stick your creation to a window with glue dots or tape! Or try framing it for an fun DIY art piece.

What can YOU do with your old buttons? Please share your ideas and photos with Chipper in the comments below or on Facebook! Happy Craft-Making 🙂