Chipper Snacks: Healthy Nutterfly Recipe

Sometimes kids just need a little inspiration to try new things. There are a collection of ways to make food more fun! Encourage kids to play with their food so they’ll eat it with creative snacks like the Nutterfly! It’s a delicious, healthy snack from nut butter and apple slices that looks like a butterfly. It may taste the same as regular apples and peanut butter but your little ones will get much more excited about eating it when it looks like a Butterfly! The next time you are struggling to get your picky eaters to snack on nutritious food rather than processed junk, try this simple solution! As Chipper always says, “Healthy before sweet, can’t be beat!” but style can definitely come into play ; )


  • Nut butter
  • Apple
  • Carrot


  1. Simply make a nut-butter sandwich using apple slices, cut it into quarters, arrange the pieces as shown, and add a trimmed carrot stick. Getting you kids Chipper about healthy food has never been so easy-peazy lemon-squeezy!
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  1. Nurul
    Nurul says:

    Thanks! With all the snow since Mulchfest weekend, there are still pnltey of Christmas trees on the streets of NYC. Now I wish I had spent a couple of hours dragging more of them over to the chipper.As for the photos: most like Muchfest are just taken with my iPhone. Occasionally I’ll pick up a stock photo, like the recent Greek coffee cup.Tanks for reading, and glad you’re enjoying One Good Deed!

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