Recycled Nature Castle

Keep your little ones busy and their end of the summer boredom away with some fun, easy-to-do recycle crafts! Collect pieces of scraps from around the house and create a fun filled castle paired with as many characters as your children can create. Finding materials from outside is a great activity too! Pine cones are a great addition to any craft : )

These Chipper kids used the plush characters from Chipper’s stories (COMING SOON!) and a home-crafted lady bug and a elephant to play in their Nature Castle! All they used were cut out cardboard pieces from recycled apple-packaging (just ask your local grocery store for their extras!), some craft or hot glue, pipe cleaners, scissors, markers, and a plastic container lid!

Anything from toilet paper rolls to bottle caps will allow your children to expand their imaginations and use these recycled crafts supplies to create a castle or any other kind a structure they can imagine. Once the castle is finished, send them outside to play with their castle and all the other things they made. Its like you bought them a new toy without a trip to the toy store and used recycled goods that otherwise would be headed to a landfill!

You can even ask them to create a play with the castles and its dwellers or just let them play and explore with their new toys. Save money and the planet with recycle crafts! Get Chipper and Crafty outdoors today!