From Old CD to Rainbow Fish!


With the 21st century mp3 player revolution, most of us have plenty of old CDs lying around the house, either outdated or scratched and eroded. Keep these toxic disc’s out of our landfills by recycling them. They are perfect for making crafts!

One idea is to stick your old J-Lo CD in the microwave for about 5 seconds. There will be some crackling but it’s quite safe. DO NOT put it in longer than a few second though! When you take it out, the silver film will have spider webbed out. Get some string and hang them up in a window for a gorgeous stain glass-like ornament! You can even use paint or markers to color them.

Or, make this cute and easy fish craft from a used CD! If your kids like the Rainbow Fish book, they’ll love this simple craft!

What You Need:


• 1 CD
• Construction Paper
• Craft glue or hot glue
• Sequins


1. Cut the fin shapes out of construction paper.

2. Glue the fins to the back of the CD (except for the front fin) so you wouldn’t see the cut edge.

3. Cut the eyes out of construction paper, or you could use some purchased googly eyes instead.

4. Place dots of craft glue around the CD and place sequins onto the glue.

Now you have your very own Rainbow Fish! Read them this classic story or check out this video of it before or after making this craft to teach them all about sharing and caring for one another. Chipper’s Helping Hands book is another great resource for teaching your little one’s about helping out where they can and sharing with their family and peers. Get Chipper and creative with some crafts today!

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