Let Your Child Lead

When was the last time you let your child lead? Giving them the initiative when planning activities or coming up with ideas helps children develop their independence and creative skills! Today, we had the kids come up with crafts of their own and let them lose on the craft box. Not only did they have a blast cutting and gluing to their little hearts desires, they worked together to improve and perfect their ideas.

All you need is some paper, glue, markers or crayons, scissors, and some recycled materials! Have your child come up with their very own craft idea and then make an instructions list. It will be a great way to spend the day while also increasing their creative juice and improving their writing skills. We let our girls use recycled paper towel rolls, Popsicle sticks, and some fun colored pipe cleaners and this is what they came up with:


First clip pipe cleaner to popsicle stick with tape and glue on some googly eyes. Then cut out feathers/leaves from paper. Twist some different colored pipe cleaners together and attach to popsicle stick. Tape some green paper around your paper towel roll as well. Then you have your Peacock tree!


First, cut out some leaves or branches (about 10-18) from green paper and circles from cardboard or a brown paper bag for your coconuts. Then glue them onto your paper towel roll. Now you have your Coconut Loconut tree!

What cute, Chipper ideas they came up with all by themselves! Please share some crafts your kids come up with us!

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  1. Kristi Pearson Kirinch
    Kristi Pearson Kirinch says:

    Cheers to letting children lead! When children are able to “lead” they sharpen their creativity skills, problem solving skills, (i.e, What can I use to finish my Peacock tree?”) They also gain confidence in their abilities, enhance social skills, (talking with eachother about their process,) enhance their ability to recall events, (an abstact skill that always could use a little additonal “practice.” The benefits to open ended and child led learning are endless..I could go on and on, but I won’t. 🙂 The research is out there though, that when a child takes charge of his or her own learning, they are apt to learn more, take a sharper interest, etc, because they have OWNERSHIP…thanks! Love this post! 🙂

    • letsgochipper
      letsgochipper says:

      Yes! All very, very true! I wouldn’t have gotten where I am today without my parents giving me my independence to grow and learn. Glad you liked the post 🙂

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