What can you do with a Cereal Box?

If your kids love cereal (who doesn’t?), you must recycle cereal boxes left and right! Next time you finish the next box of Cheerios, save the box instead. There are tons of fun crafts and games you can do with just some cardboard boxes! One person’s trash is another person’s pleasure : )

Here are a few great craft ideas you can do with you cereal boxes from Chipper! Please share some of your ideas with us!

Making Cereal Box Masks

Masks are a lot of fun to make, but they are especially fun to make for Halloween, masquerades, parties, or just playing dress up. Cut a piece of wrapping paper to fit around the box and glue it securely in place. Make the features by coloring them on with wax crayons, or pasting on bits of colored paper. Here are some suggestions for decorating your masks. Try different colors on masks to obtain unusual effects.


1. Cut and fold colored paper to make hats, ears, beaks and horns.

2. Wind strips of colored paper firmly around a pencil until they curl, to make hair, eyelashes, whiskers and beards.

3. Glue on other trimmings such as, wood shavings, ping-pong balls, fringed paper, cotton, broom straws, feathers, carrot greens, beads, earrings, fancy braids and any other trimming available.

4. Draw on eyeglasses, monocles, and any other decoration with colored wax crayons.

Make a Cereal Box Napkin Holder House


This napkin holder turns out really cute and you can make it from a recycled cereal bo. The first thing you do is get a greeting card envelope and open it up so that it looks like a house shape, as illustrated in (picture #1). Then get a cereal box and hold the envelope at the left corner and trace around the envelope to use as your guide when cutting (picture #2). Then turn around your box and hold the envelope at the bottom right side of the box (picture #3) and trace the open envelope again. Now get scissors and cut around the lines that you drew….keeping the bottom of the box intact. Now paint the remaining house-shaped box to look like a house. It helps to put a little bit of glue in the paint to make it stick to the waxed cereal box surface. Now let the paint dry and then give as a gift or start using to brighten up your breakfast table!

A Few Fun Ideas for Play with Cereal Boxes


Empty cereal cartons can be used for many play ideas. Here are a few.

(1) Build towers and castles. Place cartons on top of each other. Make them so that you have passages and tunnels. Place toy men and animals on them.

(2) You can play store with your cartons. Place them on the table or on a box. Pretend that a customer comes in to buy the boxes.

(3) Open the tops of three cartons. Set them sideways on the floor. See how many marbles you can roll into them.

(4) With a parent’s help you can trace animals, masks, and flat boats from the boxes. When they are cut out, you can color them.

Get Chipper and start recycling some Cereal boxes! What can YOU do with a cereal box?

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