Chipper Recyle Crafts: Egg Carton Rock Collection

The craft possibilities are endless when you go through your recycling bin! Recycle crafts help kids learn to trust their own ideas, build creative confidence, and envision new purposes fro common objects. For example, an ordinary egg carton can become the perfect home for your little one’s rock collection! And if they don’t have a rock collection already, this craft will encourage them to explore outside, whether in your yard or your local park. Searching for colorful rocks!

First, choose your egg carton! Use acrylic paint with a paint brush on foam egg cartons or markers and crayons if you have cardboard egg cartons.

If using paint, plastic lid containers make the perfect artist palette!

Or you can put paint directly on the carton and spread it around. Let your child get messy and let them paint outside. Don’t forget to paint the back!

Once you paint the inside too, let it dry in the summer sun!

Now it’s time to collect some rocks! Have an adventure with you’re little one or let them loose to explore the great outdoors. Remind them to, “Play but don’t stray” while searching for the perfect dozen of cool-looking rocks for their egg carton home! Get Chipper and have fun!

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