Chipper Craft: 4th of July Recycle Craft

Time to show your patriotism! Spend some quality time with your kids this week to celebrate American Independence by making this fun 4th of July Firework Center Piece. Not only is it easy, for ages 4 and up, but it can also be made from all recycled materials! All you need is a toilet paper role and some of the grand red, white and blue colors!


What you need:
  • Toilet paper roll or Paper towel roll
  • Red, white, yellow and blue paint. Alternately, you can use markers or crayons to avoid messy paints!
  • *Paint brushes (only if using paint)
  • Red and blue construction paper. Alternately, to save money and trees, use the color pages of magazines, in long strips. You can always find the color you need in ads!
  • White tissue paper or white recycled paper (just flip over to use the white side and crumple to give it some flexibility!)
  • Popsicle sticks are great but you can also use leftover pencils/sticks/straws and tape on the inside
  • Glue stick, or tape to cover the roll
  • Scissors
  • Fat pencil or marker to curl strips
  • *Paint brushes and palette (only if using paint)
What to do:
1.    Preparation: Cut thin strips of red and blue paper as well as small stars from magazines or recycled paper. If you have neither of these, buying some construction paper is your best option.

2.    Paint the toilet paper towel tube white and allow time to dry. If you don’t want to deal with paints and waiting, using the back of some recycled computer paper works just as well! Just cut to size and use a glue stick or some tape to attach it to your roll.

3.   Let your kids get creative! Draw red and blue polka dots or little stars with markers or crayons. If using paint, now is the time to finger paint!

4.    Paint the Popsicle sticks yellow and set aside to dry. You can use markers here as well, or use old yellow pencils or yellow straws.

5.    Take the strips of red and blue paper and twist them around the fat pencil or marker to make it curl. Repeat as needed. This is a great way to practice those fine-motor skills.

6.    Glue the stars on to the top of the yellow Popsicle sticks or whatever you found to use.

7.    Once all parts are dry (if using paint), place some white tissue paper into the decorated paper tube. Arrange the stars and stripes accordingly. Don’t have tissue paper? Just use recycled, crumpled up (to soften and make flexible) computer paper.
Get Chipper this week and celebrate our nation’s birthday! This fun craft is a great way to connect with your kids and have them practice their creative and motor skills while showing their patriotism!