Traveling with Kids!

tesbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb-testWhen you start planning your next family vacation this summer, getting the kids ready and making sure they will be occupied during a long flight or drive can seem daunting. No need to worry though! Chipper’s Get Ready to Fly Activity Set is a great, inexpensive way to remove all your children’s travel worries! From what to pack, to check-in, security, boarding, flying and arriving, Chipper playfully teaches kids good manners and safety when traveling. Your child will soar to new heights with Chipper as he takes his first flight. It comes with a story and activity book, a pack of crayons, a reusable tote to carry some snacks and other games, and a plush pillow “back” pack for your little one to rest their head on a long trip. Get a FREE Let’s Go Chipper DVD with purchase and get additional discounts and deals on this set if you like or share our Facebook page here.

Chipper loves to explore and travel all over, whether by plane or car, and he has a number of book and activities to make the trip a lot more fun for your little ones. A family trip should be a opportunity to connect with your kids and enjoy time off together. Don’t let the stress of travel ruin these special moments. Here are 5 basic tips to keep your tension to a minimum on your next family trip:

1) Plan far in advance! Make sure to make a master list and keep it together with your documents. There are a number of apps to help you do this electronically to avoid losing papers.

2) Have your kids help plan! If kids are involved in planning itinerary or even packing, they’ll be much more agreeable along the way.

3) Bring lot’s of activities! From coloring books, simple crafts or some fun travel games, make sure to have some great activities that are also easy to bring along.

4)Buy a disposable camera! Kids love taking photo’s but many camera’s are delicate and expensive. Just grab a disposable camera before your trip so they can record your travels. Making a photo/scrap book later can also be a great activity and a way for them to cherish your time together forever.

5) Snack attack! Bring as many snacks as possible. Kids get cranky when they get hungry which can ruin everyone’s mood. If your on a road trip, having snacks will also cut down on stops. Trail mix, dried fruit or pretzels are just a few examples of what you can bring.

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